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Automatic identification

Automatic identification finds a broad and popular application in warehouse, production and distribution logistics. Optimum utilisation of auto ID depends upon the effectiveness of the overall solution, including the integration of appliances with IT systems in logistics processes.

Logisys competencies in the area of automatic identification

Logisys possesses a long-standing experience in designing and implementing systems of automatic identification based on barcodes and RFID technologies. Logisys designed its custom Agilero system, which facilitates the integration of auto ID devices in warehouse and production processes.

Logisys implemented dozens of projects, in which it handled the selection, delivery, installation, integration and start-up of radio networks, barcode terminals, barcode printers, all kinds of scanners, access points, automatics, labelling devices, application devices and other appliances necessary for servicing logistics processes.

    Logisys competencies in the area of auto ID include the following areas:
  • Logistics label
  • Barcodes
  • RFID technology
  • Auto ID devices
  • Radio and wireless networks
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