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Clients' Opinions on Logisys

Logisys consultants developed several versions for our warehouse configuration. Calculations were completed, which resulted in a clear evaluation of the four versions, including the predicted results and the calculated rate of return on investment (ROI). We are pleased with the quality of implemented work and the final document.

Janusz Pietrzyk, Distribution Department Manager
Philips (international lighting manufacturer)

Our retail network has been growing constantly for more than 10 years now, and with it, the logistics (distribution) system. In developing that system, and making decisions about its structure, to have the benefit of the “outside” outlook of an independent logistics consultant is absolutely priceless.

Janusz Ostrowski, Board member for logistics
Żabka (the largest convenience store network in Poland)

Support and intensity of cooperation on the part of the outside advisor-practitioner allowed us to make a very fast, and yet a safe decision as to the choice of location and layout of our sorting facility.

Rafał Brzoska, President of the Board
InPost (largest independent postal services operator in Poland)

We commissioned Logisys company to provide support in the development of logistics concept for our finished products warehouse. The concept had to meet the logistics and technological requirements of Grupa Żywiec as well as the standards of the Heineken corporation. Grupa Żywiec is happy to endorse the greatly involved consultants and high quality of service provided by Logisys.

Waldemar Kapler, Head of the Logistics Department
Żywiec (the largest brewery in Poland, licenced manufacturer of Heineken beer)

Thanks to the introduced changes we were able to service a higher number of orders, with virtually no increase in resources. We received a flexible and efficient system.

Małgorzata Gunerka, Logistics Manager, Board Member
Merlin.pl (leading online book and multimedia store in Poland)

Logisys completed an audit for our company, concluding in recommendations on the organisation of our supply chain. I am happy to report high quality and the commitment of Logisys team in the performance of the audit. The results of their work proved key to the formulation of AIC’s strategy for the years that followed – in its part concerning supply chain and the management of production logistics.

Ewa Grudnik-Siemińska, Vice-president of the Board
AIC (international producer of heat exchangers)

Logisys delivered a multistage, complex consultancy project, with a goal of restructuring the supply chain of the Dobrowolscy meat processing plant. Thanks to the recommendations they provided, our company began to implement change, including preparations for the construction of a new logistics centre.

Grzegorz Leśniak, President of the Board
Dobrowolscy (leading producer of meat products in Southern Poland)

As a result of a logistics audit by Logisys, a long-term plan for the restructuring of supply chain has been developed. We evaluate the competence of the leading consultant highly, and we are most happy with the quality of the results – confirmed by our decision to continue our cooperation in the implementation of the presented plan.

Marek Wójcik, Vice-president of the Board, Production Manager
Paged (leading manufacturer of furniture in the Polish market)

Thanks to the solution proposed by Logisys, today we have access to precise and fast information about the location of each type of material and batch of products, as well as listing of particular materials used for every batch.

Paweł Marjański, Logistics Manager
Bakoma (the biggest Polish yogurt manufacturer)

Our cooperation was based on a comprehensive support for the automated warehouse implementation process. Commitment and professionalism of the consultant was noteworthy, as well as his extensive experience, which put him in the position to assist us in choosing the optimum solutions.

Michał Dojarski, Warehouse Manager for Finished Products and Raw Materials
Sokpol (leading Polish producer of juices and soft drinks)

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