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IT consulting for WMS

Logisys’ consulting support in the area of IT logistics systems guarantees selection of an optimum solution in relation to the needs of the given company. It also ensures security of the information system implementation process.

When should one benefit from IT consulting for logistics?

Consulting in the area of IT logistics begins at the stage of requirements analysis, when an optimum information system is selected with the view to both the current and the predicted future needs of the company. At this stage, the decision on the class and type of IT solutions is of strategic importance to the company.

If the decision has already been made regarding the class and type of IT system supporting logistics management of the company, it is possible to support the process of supplier selection, and the implementation process. At that stage, IT consulting is of key importance for the planned start-up of the system, and its efficient functioning from the point of view of the needs and requirements of logistics.

IT consulting for logistics offered by Logisys

  • IT consulting, requirements analysis and selection of IT system
  • Implementation of warehouse system: WMS, WES
  • Implementation of production management system: MES
  • Implementation of transportation management system: TMS
  • Integration of IT systems with warehouse infrastructure
  • Implementation of barcode systems: RFID
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