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Logisys is a logistics competence centre encompassing the full spectrum of knowledge, experience and know-how in the field of logistics and supply chain optimization. Thanks to such broad range of competence, Logisys can effectively support the achievement of its Clients’ business goals.

Logistics management

Logistics strategies, logistics organisation, logistics process, optimization of logistics costs, logistics security, investment process, cooperation with operators.

Distribution network strategy

Supply chain, distribution network, warehouses and distribution centres location, transportation logistics, reusable packaging and media, logistics outsourcing, operators.

Warehouses and logistics centres

Warehouse processes, inventory management, warehouse design, warehouse re-location, warehouse automation, facilities and equipment, storage systems, WMS (warehouse management systems).

Production logistics

Production optimization, TPM, TQM, SMED, inventory management, Just-in-time, Kanban, Lean Manufacturing, Lean Management, product labelling, track and trace, MES (manufacturing execution systems).

Automatic identification

Barcode systems, RFID technology, terminals, printers, barcode scanners, logistics label, radio networks, wireless networks, integration with ERP (enterprise resource planning) and WMS systems.

IT solutions

Requirements analysis, implementation management, integration of systems and appliances, warehouse systems WMS and WES, production systems MRP and MES, transportation management systems (TMS).

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