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Logistics audit

Logistics audit by Logisys is a managerial assessment of the condition of the company's logistics or its designated aspect, such as distribution, warehouse or production. Logistics audit makes it possible to conduct an in-depth diagnosis of the situation and identify key problems in the examined area.

What are the benefits of a logistics audit?

A logistics audit shows opportunities for streamlining warehouse, production and/or distribution processes and for making business decisions of high priority to the company.

The key value of the audit offered by Logisys is that it includes all the vital areas of logistics, consisting of: logistics infrastructure, logistics organisation, logistics system (supply chain) and information systems.

Logistics auditing services offered by Logisys

  • Company’s logistics audit
  • Audit of a logistics system / supply chain / distribution network
  • Logistics audit of a warehouse
  • Logistics audit of production
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