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Logistics consulting

Logistics consulting provided by Logisys means support for the right decisions pertaining to the logistics of production, storage and distribution. Consulting cooperation with Logisys allows the Clients to achieve measurable results and increase the effectiveness of their logistics operations.

What does logistics consulting involve?

Logistics consulting entails projects implemented by Logisys consultants-practitioners, engineers and IT specialists. Support of logistics consultants is particularly valuable to companies, where efficient logistics has essential bearings on the sales volume and return on sales index.

Logisys possesses important know-how in all areas of logistics management; furthermore, it combines logistics with other departments of he company. Therefore Logisys is in the position to guarantee consistency and efficiency of the solutions offered.

Logistics consulting services offered by Logisys

  • Consulting on warehouse logistics
  • Consulting on distribution network and supply chain
  • Consulting on transportation logistics
  • Consulting on the logistics of production
  • Consulting on the cooperation with a logistics operator
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