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Logistics management

Logistics management encompasses a broad range of issues, beginning with managing the logistics function of the company, all the way to operational aspects of implementing logistics processes. The proper logistics organisation and management may become a key element of a company’s competitive advantage.

Logisys competencies in the area of logistics management

Logisys possesses a broad range of competence, allowing it to design optimum organisational and management solutions, taking into account relationships between logistics and other functions of the company. Therefore solutions designed by Logisys take into account the whole of the business context and the company’s strategic objectives.

    Logisys competencies in the area of logistics management include:
  • Logistics strategy of an enterprise, logistics functioning strategy
  • Modelling and optimization of logistics processes
  • Organisation of logistics and logistics department, remuneration systems
  • Optimization of logistics costs (storage, distribution and transportation costs)
  • Logistics security of a company, BCP (risk diversification, reducing costs of risk)
  • Logistics controlling, KPIs (analysis and reporting systems, benchmarking)
  • Cooperation with operators (Outsourcing, Insourcing, In-House Logistics)
  • Investment process (planning and management of investment projects)
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