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Mondi: Optimization of transportation

Preparing transportation logistics for increased deliveries and ensuring security of the investment decision

  • International producer of packaging and paper
  • One of the leading paper manufacturers in Central Europe
  • Headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Active in the market since 1967

Services Rendered

  • Developing concepts for logistics solutions of internal transportation
  • Determining the guidelines for the optimization of traffic organisation, coupled with simulations
  • Profitability analysis of the selected version of optimization (i.e. of the proposed changes)


  • Determining the potential and directions of recommended changes in the logistics of internal transportation
  • Constructing a model using a VISUM class tool and creating a simulation of the flow (traffic) of vehicles
  • Ensuring security of the investment decision and recommended changes
  • Preparing the logistics system for an increase in deliveries
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