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Nowy Styl: Improvement of MES

Streamlining of the MES class management system for the largest producer of office furniture in Europe

  • The biggest office furniture producer in Europe
  • Selling to more than 60 countries world-wide
  • Employing over 6 thousand persons in 12 countries
  • Sales value of over 1 billion PLN

Services Rendered

  • Automation of warehouse processes
  • Implementation of the Agilero barcode system
  • Implementation of MES for sets assembly workstations
  • Integrating the Agilero system with the master management system of IFS


  • Increased efficiency of assembly and loading processes
  • Possibility to follow key production indices (KPIs)
  • Minimising errors in dispatches through the automatic verification of assortment
  • Reducing time of warehouse operations – faster verification of goods
  • Elimination of handwritten documents
  • Simplified reporting procedure
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