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Warehouses and logistics centres

Warehouses and logistics centres are the backbone of the logistics system of any company. The right amount, location and functions of warehouse facilities in the overall system condition efficient running of logistics operations, optimum level of costs and effective flow of products and materials.

Logisys competencies in the area of warehouse logistics

Of all the logistics companies in the Polish market, Logisys possesses the highest expertise in project implementation, in the field of warehouse logistics. The projects Logisys implemented encompassed audits and consulting in the field of warehouse logistics, designing warehouse facilities, as well as carrying out warehouse construction, re-location, optimization (streamlining) and automation.

    Logisys competencies in the area of warehouse logistics include:
  • Warehouse organisation and processes
  • Inventory management
  • Warehouse design
  • Offices / rental / re-location of warehouse
  • Warehouse automation
  • Facilities and equipment for warehouses
  • Storage systems
  • WMS (warehouse management systems)
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