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Filtron: Warehouse optimisation

Streamlining of processes and reduction of dispatch errors down to only
22 per 1 000 000

  • Leader in the Polish market of automotive filters (42% market share)
  • Over 1000 employees
  • More than 2000 types of filters on offer
  • Selling over 50 million units of filters per year
  • High bay warehouse with 16 thousand pallet spaces

Services Rendered

  • Implementation of automatic identification in warehouse processes, in order to reduce the number of errors and improve performance
  • Integration of the Agilero system with the Oracle JD Edwards system


  • Reducing the number of errors in warehouse processes, down to 22 per 1,000,000 with the established norm of 40 errors
  • Increased performance, cost savings equalling two full-time positions
  • Servicing of all processes using radio terminals and elimination of paper documents cycle
  • Back-up system ensuring two separate paths of process delivery – if one fails, the work can be smoothly continued using the alternative path
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