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Logisys offers its services to companies, which intend to increase the efficiency of their logistics. Logisys provides a complete and exhaustive service, starting with an audit, to design and planning, all the way to implementing changes in company logistics.

Logistics audit

Managerial assessment of the condition of company's logistics or its designated aspect: distribution, warehouse, or production. Diagnosis of the situation, identifying key problems in the examined area.

Logistics consulting

Support in the decision-making process pertaining to the logistics of production, storage and distribution. Consulting cooperation aimed at improving logistics efficiency.

Warehouse logistics design & masterplanning

Developing the optimum solutions, economically and functionally, for the company as a whole or a designated logistics aspect: distribution network, logistics centre or a warehouse.

Supply chain optimization

Projects aimed at increasing capacity and efficiency of logistics processes. Achieving the best possible result using the resources of the company and its partners.

Warehouse automation

Implementing solutions, which integrate human work, machines, appliances, and IT systems. Auto ID technologies in warehouse, production and stock taking processes. Warehouse automation.

IT consulting for WMS

Selection of an optimum IT system for logistics, in relation to the needs of the given company. Supervision of system implementation – classes: WMS, WES, MES, TMS, barcodes, RFID technology.

Project management

Supervision and management of projects in the field of logistics. Support of efficient implementation of investment projects, optimization of investment costs. Project Management, Interim Management.

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