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Warehouse automation

Logistics process automation means implementing solutions, which integrate human work, machines, appliances, and IT systems. Automation of logistics is applicable in warehouse processes, as well as production processes.

When should automation of logistics processes be introduced?

Automation of production, warehouse, or stock taking processes becomes necessary when the number and scale of operations justifies the economy of the investment, and/or when the lack of automation threatens the company with crossing the economically acceptable levels of error and risk.

In the world of today, automation is becoming default, an expected standard for performing an increasing number of logistics processes. This results from the growing pressure in the prices of products and services, and by extension on unit costs of logistics. Consequently, process automation may also provide a key element for building the company’s competitive advantage.

Process automation services offered by Logisys

  • Automation of warehouse processes
  • Automation of production logistics
  • Supervision over the implementation of warehouse automatics
  • Implementation of RFID technology
  • Implementation of automatic stock taking (inventory)
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