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IT solutions

It solutions are responsible for the flow of operational and management information pertaining to logistics and supply chain. The appropriate, and properly implemented IT system is of key importance for the effective management of logistics processes.

Logisys competencies in the area of IT solutions

Logisys is a consulting company with a dedicated IT department and a long standing experience in implementing solutions, which support logistics management in warehouse, production and distribution processes. In the implemented projects, Logisys handled the integration of logistics management systems with the main systems of ERP and MRPII class.

    Logisys competencies in the area of information systems encompass such aspects as:
  • Selection, requirements analysis, managing implementation and start up in the context of IT systems
  • Integration of systems and appliances
    Logisys competencies include the following classes of IT systems:
  • ERP, MRP II management systems
  • WMS, WES warehouse systems
  • MRP, MES production systems
  • TMS transportation management systems
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